• Diary of a Travel Addict

    Travel addiction should not be taken lightly; symptoms include severe wanderlust, inability to stay in one place for any length of time, and an intense desire to experience cultures not your own. The only cure is to plan for the next trip and repeat the cycle all over again.

A Travel and Photo Blog

This website, blog and gallery are a means for me to share my travel experiences and photographs with family and friends. All who appreciate travel are welcome to peruse, browse and be inspired by my trips and experiences.

Travel Blog

Articles covering a variety of travel destinations, inspiring photos, and itineraries. Sharing the experiences that I've had while traveling and living abroad.


Amateur photography and a passion for capturing a spectacular landscapes, fascinating architecture and unusual angles. Shooting primarily on DLSR, phone and film.

Travel Lists

Putting skills as a list maker to best use by providing insights into destinations, or quantifying things I've seen or done. Sometimes even my lists have lists (apologies when I go a bit meta).

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