Ireland Day 08: Enniskillen to Belfast

Ireland Day 08: Enniskillen to Belfast

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Ireland Day 08

Enniskillen to Belfast

The time spent in Northern Ireland was split between touring the old and the new of the country. It was an interesting way to experience and see this part of Ireland and the United Kingdom. The depth of the history is what impressed me about this area of the country.

I’ve continually said during my travels that actually seeing a land and the impact of history is an incredibly different way of learning about history. It brings it to life.

In particular the touring of Derry brought the recent history and troubles of the Irish people to life. It certainly gave me an entirely new perspective on it as we received tours from a local, and honored, tour guide.


We made the trip from Enniskillen to Derry where we spent the morning. We received a walking tour from a local guide, Martin McCrossen, who proved to be an amazing storyteller and purveyor of history. This city was incredibly rich in history; both modern and ancient. Martin brought the events to life but presented them in a way that allowed for hope for peace. I loved that the ancient city wall was still standing in this ancient town.

Giant’s Causeway

One of the most iconic and ancient locations in Ireland is the Giant’s Causeway. I found it to be unusual and breathtaking with the hexagonal pillars of stone creating what honestly looked like a stairway heading towards Scotland. I had never seen anything like it and I loved how the Irish had tied in lore and legend.

Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge

I have never been forced to face my fear of heights so many times in the matter of a week; but I found the strength and courage to face yet another breathtaking and harrowing height. This time it was crossing a sturdily made rope bridge to cross from mainland to a tiny island best used for fishing by the locals.

To be honest the experience was not as terrifying as I had expected it would be; and in retrospect that was probably due to the fact that it was over water. And heights over water have a lesser effect on me for some reason.

Once over the bridge and on the island we were serenaded by our travelling companion’s bagpipes and treated to a great show.


We spent the night in Belfast; despite the charm of the city I was surprised at how uncomfortable I felt while in it. This was one of the first times in my traveling experience where I was left discomforted by the city I was in. We did find an amazing restaurant for dinner, Teatro, and made a night of it. The next morning I had a chance to explore my feelings of discomfort and I think I discovered the reason why.

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