Top 10 Cities to Visit

Top 10 Cities to Visit

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Top 10 Cities to Visit…

On October 30th Lonely Planet published an article listing the Top 10 Cities to Visit 2012. Naturally, being addicted to travel as I am, I read the article.

I have to admit that I was surprised with a lot of the cities that made the list (Orlando). And equally surprised with those that did not (Paris!?). I do understand that this is LP’s pick for the year of 2012 and perhaps thats where the Travel Guide guru and I disagree.

To each their own.

Reading the article made me think of what my Top 10 Cities list would look like; but we’re not talking 2012 anymore, we’re talking of all time. I dreamed up the list and in reflection I have to admit that it’s pretty cliche but I’m okay with that.

1. London (UK)
Yes, I can admit that I am biased. I love this city because it has everything I could ever want between the rich history, the great theatres, the amazing architecture.. I could go on and on but I think you get the point. I am never bored when I travel to London.

2. Hong Kong (HK)
To be honest I’m not big or hip on Asian destinations at this stage in my life but a dear cousin of mine once lived in HK and listening to her talk of it I am fascinated and eager to travel there some day.

3. Marrakesh (Morocco)
I can’t remember when I first began my fascination with Marrakesh but it’s been hovering at the top of my list of destinations I want to travel to (tomorrow if I could).

4. Vienna (Austria)
Another city that has been hovering at the top of my destinations I want to travel to (tomorrow if I could) list. I’m eager to experience this city and it’s abundant elegance.

5.  Dubai (UAE)
Dubai has always interested me but it wasn’t until a new co-worker spoke to me about it (she had grown up there) that it really sparked my curiosity and interest.

6. Copenhagen (Denmark)
There are a dozen reasons I could think of but above all else it’s wear my beer of choice is brewed; that and it’s a remarkably interesting city on paper.

7. Santiago (Chile)
Many travel experts have touted that Chile, particularly Santiago, is a place that should be visited and given the high praise I’ve seen from multiple sources I’ve discovered that I am intrigued by this South American city.

8. Edinburgh (UK)
I’ve visited Edinburgh a countless number of times but I don’t think I could ever become bored with the city. It has incredibly rich history and a great number of different elements to see and partake in from beautiful architecture to Arthur’s seat, with it’s hiking trail.

9. Venice (Italy)
I believe that Venice is simply one of those cities that you have to experience; it’s the aesthetics and the quaintness of the city that have captured my attention and inspiration. There is also the threat that it could fall into the sea and be lost forever.

10. New Orleans (USA)
I always wished that I had visited New Orleans before Katrina tore it to shreds. The city itself is an experience of the senses and is one that I dare not miss in my lifetime.

What would be your Top 10 Cities to visit? Do you think Lonely Planet got it right for 2012? Or do you think both LP and I are simply daft? Share your comments below!

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  1. Mhor says:

    I would have recommended Glasgow over Edinburgh – only because you get to see the more gritty and less touristy side of Scotland – which I love.

    I haven’t been to a lot of your picks but for me I would have chosen Copenhagen definitely,

    London vs New York – I would say go to London if you are in your teens-20’s but go to New York if in your 30s or more…

    I would definitely have Tokyo on my list

    Along with Melbourne :look

    I would have probably also thrown in Nishapur or Mashhad or Esfahan in Iran – each one lovely for their own merits…

  2. Jamie says:

    I actually haven’t been to most of the cities on my list; some of the represent places that I’ve wanted to go for some time.

    I guess I prefer the more touristy side of Scotland to the grit of Glasgow; I also have a lot of fond memories of Edinburgh since I was visiting cousins each time I went.

    As for London and New York.. London over New York regardless of age. I’m really in the camp of “NY is overrated, avoid at all costs, your wallet will thank you later”.

    Tokyo would be on my list if I continued out to 20 cities!

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