Night Time in London

Night Time in London

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The vibe of a city changes when the sun goes down and the streetlights come on. The experience of viewing a city at night is unique, extraordinary and inspiring. What you enjoyed viewing by day will certainly captivate you in the evening, bathed in shades of gray and gold within the shadows and illumination of streetlights.

Just last week I have the opportunity to explore some of the most famous squares in London by night; starting in Trafalgar Square, traveling through Leicester Square and ending at Piccaddilly Circus. It was a short walk but full of sights to be seen and remembered. With my camera at the ready and the lingering inspiration of dusk I took to the squares and did my amateurish best to capture the magic of the night in London.

By day the Square is covered in tourists and pigeons, and despite those downfalls it is truly a magnificent sight with a direct view of Big Ben, the gate to the Mall, the stately presence of the National Gallery, the height of the Nelson Column, the power of the Lions at its base, and the two beautiful fountains to tie it all together. By night it seems even more grand with the lights of the city illuminating each of those iconic elements of the Square to bring them further into focus.


Despite the gates to the gardens being locked during the night this square is vibrant and full of life; with the Casino and famous theaters lining the edges of the Square this is truly a sight to behold with all the buildings lit up and glowing.


While Piccadilly is no Times Square it has it’s own charm and sophistication that is missing from the famous junction in the Big Apple. An entire building is covered with advertisements that could light up the entire area all on their own; and in within the glow of those signs sits the Statue of Eros, the Criterion Theatre, and the mad chaos that is Piccadilly Circus on any given night. The energy within the Circus seems to be derived from the power and energy emanating from the glow of the adverts.


Traversing these favored locations was amazing but there is still so much more left to be seen throughout London at night.

Other London sights to see at Night:


  • Houses of Parliament
  • London Eye
  • Tower of London
  • London Bridge
  • Wellington Arch (at Hyde Park Corner)


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  1. Jess says:

    Amazing pics! Sounds like a really fun walk. Was there a tour or did you go with anyone?

    Totally silly, but they had me in tears – so miss that city! And everyone there too. πŸ˜‰

  2. Jamie says:

    Thanks Jess! No tour; just walking about at night when Hillary visited πŸ™‚

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