A Weekend in Bath

A Weekend in Bath

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Bath is a beautiful mixture of Roman influence and British history. The city was originally settled almost 2,000 years ago by the Romans around 60 AD. They chose the location due to the natural hot springs that they built their baths around. The city carries with it quite a bit of British history but became quite popular once more during the Victorian era, when high society embraced the Roman Baths again for it’s healing and restorative powers. And it was immortalized in the words of Jane Austen, who called this charming city her home.

The beauty of Bath is found throughout the city with each sight having something unique to the city. The city was built on hillside and within the valley flows the River Avon, which features a famous weir. The city is calming, even tranquil, and perfect for a day trip from London or as a full weekend getaway.

This time around I visited: Roman Baths, Pultney Cruise on River Avon, Herschel Museum of Astronomy, Parade Gardens, and Bath Abbey.



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