London Theater Review: The Woman in Black

London Theater Review: The Woman in Black

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The Woman in Black

Fortune Theater, London

The Woman in Black was launched as a West End show in London since 1987; and it was instantly easy to understand why it has become such a remarkable hit in the West End. Later, in 2012, it was adapted into a film starring Daniel Radcliffe.

The current run is being shown at the Fortune Theater, which happens to be in very close proximity to Covent Garden. This allows for incredible choices on where to go to for dinner before the theater and where to go afterwards (though I recommend Be At One for cocktails after the show).

The Review..

I questioned the capability of having a horror show done on stage. I grew up with films being my source of horror, thriller, and in general the darker genre of story telling. I questioned how they could build the suspense. I questioned how they might handle any necessary special effects. I questioned if it would be as intense as watching something on the big screen.

Despite all those questions I was eager to give it a shot; especially since I was able to score tickets from a Time Out offer.

I should also mention that I have not seen the movie; it is something I want to see now but I had not seen it before I’d gone to the show. After overhearing other patrons nearby after the show was over it does seem that the general consensus was that the stage show was superior to the movie (which was an interesting conclusion to me).

Those questions I had? In retrospect they were all silly to consider, each and every one of them.

The stage show captured every element of suspense you could hope for. I can’t count the number of times I jumped. I had every reaction I would have expected: jumping, gut clenching, gasping, and wanting to cover my eyes but unable to physically do so because I was that enthralled.

In Conclusion..

The Woman is Black comes with my stamp of approval.

This is one of the better plays I’ve seen in London; so it’s no wonder that it’s been running for as long as it has.

If you’re looking for something with a little suspense, great acting, and an engaging storyline then this is absolutely the show for you.

And it’s certain to be far easier on your bank account than a west end musical.


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