Re-launching with a new Domain

Re-launching with a new Domain

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Thanks for visiting; I’ve owned and written this blog on and off again since 2007 when I first moved to London and wanted a place to track and share my adventures.

After I returned to the USA in 2008 I re-branded the blog to, and had both domains pointing to my blog content. The brand was representative of the changes in my life – leaving London and becoming more focused on travel at large.

I moved back to London in 2012 and switched the domains again, representing once more that I was Over time I moved out of London to Surrey and the blogs became more focused on travel in general than just London oriented.

Therefore I’ve revamped the blog once more! This time I’ve taken it a step further than simply re-pointing the domains to this content – I have created a new blog with new features!


Articles from this instance of the blog will slowly be ported over to the new environment and likely updated for the new format. But new content will be written more regularly, aiming for 2-4 articles a month. Check us out!

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