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Ireland Day 10: Dublin

October 18, 2010 , 0 Comments

Ireland Day 08 Dublin The last remaining day in Ireland was to be spent in Dublin and we had arranged to meet several of the friends we’d made on our trip at the Guinness Storehouse that morning. GuinnessĀ Storehouse I’ve been to a few breweries in my time but nothing prepared me for what I found…

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Ireland Day 09: Belfast to Dublin

October 17, 2010 , 0 Comments

Ireland Day 08 Belfast to Dublin The morning was spent travelling the city of Belfast, particular the areas of unrest and near the peace wall, as a part of a Black Cab tour. This tour was significantly different from the walking tour from Derry; and the city itself painted a different picture than we had…

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Ireland Day 02: Dublin

October 10, 2010 , 0 Comments

Ireland Day 02 DUBLIN We spent the morning exploring our neighborhood and then shopping on Henry Street. I was thrilled to find stores there that I’ve only dreamed of shopping at since I left London. We did a little reconnaissance on these stores so that we would know what we wanted to buy once we…

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Ireland Day 01: Dublin

October 9, 2010 , 1 Comment

Ireland Day 01 DUBLIN Like any international trip my journey started at the airport, specifically at Boston’s Logan International. It is a gamble to take an overnight flight to Europe but I wanted to optimize the amount of time that I had in Dublin on Saturday. Despite a definite lack of sleep there was nothing…