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Weekend Tourist: Apsley House & Wellington Arch

October 10, 2016 , 0 Comments

I can’t count the number of times that I’ve sat on a bus, usually Rt 148, going around the Roundabout at Wellington Arch thinking to myself “Gee, I really should visit Apsley House”.  I grew tired of thinking that so I made the decision to take a visit to both sites over a weekend I…

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Touring Down Street Station

September 25, 2016 , 0 Comments

There remains many “secret” locations to see in London that tell amazing tales of the history of this city. An organization called “Hidden London“, in connection with TFL (Transport for London) have opened quite a few of these locations for tours. It’s become so popular that some of the tours even sell out months in…

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London Walks: Hyde Park

May 6, 2016 , 0 Comments

One of my resolutions this year is simply to get out and enjoy more of London. I’m hoping to make this a weekly or bi-weekly feature and am catching up from the last two weeks.. but welcome to my new segment: London Walks This first walk was taken on the early May Bank Holiday weekend touring…

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London Theater Review: The Woman in Black

June 28, 2014 , 0 Comments

The Woman in Black Fortune Theater, London The Woman in Black was launched as a West End show in London since 1987; and it was instantly easy to understand why it has become such a remarkable hit in the West End. Later, in 2012, it was adapted into a film starring Daniel Radcliffe. The current…

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View of the Shard (London)

August 13, 2013 , 0 Comments

The construction of the Shard, Europe’s tallest building, was completed last summer. At that time they opened the top 3 floors as a viewing platform known as the “View of the Shard”. There are many famous viewing platforms across the world – from the Empire State Building in New York and the Sky Tower in…

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Snowing in London

January 21, 2013 , 0 Comments

Snowing in London   There is something magical about snow fall in a city like London. Everyone seems to stop for a moment and enjoy the snow (or share a complaint about the snow) but it does manage to bring people together. We had a beautiful snow storm start on Friday and continue through Sunday…

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London’s Canals

August 5, 2012 , 0 Comments

When one thinks of European Canals the thoughts usually are focused on the Netherlands or Venice, Italy. Prior to moving to London I had rarely associated the concept of Canals with the United Kingdom. However since moving I have received a lesson in the rich history of canals in the United Kingdom; and most recently…

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The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

June 5, 2012 , 0 Comments

Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in 1952 making this year, 2012, her 60th of ruling in England. This weekend in the United Kingdom was a four day celebration of the Queen. There were several major events throughout the city: Flotilla on Sunday, Concert at Buckingham Palace on Monday, and the Procession on Tuesday. I ventured…

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England & Wales

September 28, 2011 , 0 Comments

I had the pleasure of taking a 9 day trip over to England and Wales. Unlike my usual travel adventures this one was less structure and I did not join a tourgroup. For me this trip was more about seeing friends and revisiting London for a short reunion. I discovered that I do miss London…